Up close and personal

Our Holistic Management grazing planning has seen us through winter, and now with the grass growing, the cattle and sheep are moving much more frequently. A visit to the paddock today saw a few new additions πŸ™‚

baby lambsTwo very cute looking baby sheep, already bouncing around and trotting after the flock.





We sat and just watched the sheep for a while and the cattle cameinvestigation right up to us, inquisitive as ever and rubbing up against the vehicle. Whilst a sudden movement can scare them off it was great to be so close to them. After a while they left us and just went back to their grazing, but it’s amazing what getting out and amongst them on a regular basis can do.

I hope they forgive us the electric tape we are about to install as we plant trees along some of the boundary fences πŸ™‚

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