Visit to Jonai Farm for AFSA Legal Defence Fund(raiser)

A quick dash to Daylesford consumed part of our weekend. What an earth for? Is there not enough to do?

The Jonai family were host to a number of farming heroes including Joel Salatin, Costa, and representatives from farms that have been the subject of inappropriate legislation from various government authorities across Australia – that’s what the gathering was about.

We got there in time for sunset but didn’t get much of a sleep in, waking to the sounds of construction and loads of volunteer activity. Over 450 people gathered at Jonai Farm for a farm tour, a range of locally produced food and to hear from the famous Joel Salatin. We caught up with farmer friends, listened to the expert and were inspired by those resilient enough to carry on despite hardships and inappropriate legislation.

We heard from Elgar Farm, Happy Valley Pigs and Moo View Farm, all battling in their own ways with legislation designed for larger scale businesses which make small, sustainable farming difficult for us all – just a few examples from the crowd.

The ‘capital’ crowd was strong, given the distance and it was great to catch  up with others.

Thank you to Tammi and Stuart and all of the wonderful volunteers for their work on this hugely successful day!

Support AFSA, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA) is raising money for a Legal Defence Fund
If you can support the fund in any way, please do.

You can attend a local event and talk to a local small farm-

You can join as a member-

You might have skills to offer – there are a committed group of legal professionals working pro bono to help unravel the regulatory red tape in each state- and there’s plenty of help needed- you can contact AFSA

You can contribute directly to the AFSA Legal Defence Fund

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