Yeoman’s Keyline plowing a success

Having done some Yeoman’s keyline plowing in January and throughout a little of Autumn, the results are now pretty clear…


Not only is there increased green leaf compared to the rest of the paddock which is quite yellow, but there is also a change in pasture composition, to microleana and/or phalaris (the original pasture before fire).


These pastures have had nothing else done to them, and, although have recent rain, it is below the yearly average…


With that, and with recent frosts, we are very impressed!

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2 Responses to Yeoman’s Keyline plowing a success

  1. Michelle Kothe says:

    Is there some information on what this sort of plowing is all about? How does it work to make the difference?

  2. Caroola Farm says:

    Probably the best information is via a book entitled ‘water for every farm’ – see – it is a ‘keyline’ system of plowing that keeps the water flowing out, on contour, to the ridges, so it does not just all sit in the valleys, it aerates the soil at the same time. So, essentially, providing water and oxygen for plants to grow 🙂

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